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ANDY EWING: Manatee Florida Trip December 28, 2009: 12 years old 
When were in Florida, my brother and I were told we were going to go snorkeling with the manatees. I was really excited, because I have never seen a manatee in real life before. so one morning, we got up early and drove to a scuba shop (Crystal Lodge Dive Center) close to where we were going to be snorkeling. So we suited up in our dive suits and got on the boat that was taking us to our dive spot. I think the air temperature that morning was about 46 degrees. When we got in the water, I was freezing. Before we went out , our guide told us that we were not allowed to have two hands on a manatee,because it would be considered riding them and that was against the law. We could swim beside them and pet them one handed. Almost immediately, I saw a manatee. I had never seen something so huge. One of the manatees had barnacles all over it. One of the other manatees was missing part of its tail, because it got hit by a boat, which we all thought was very sad. Most of the manatees were covered with some dirt. On the ride back to the dive shop , we were all very cold. I really liked the manatees. I am pretty sure my family enjoyed the trip, as much as I did.CONNER EWING: MY MANATEE ADVENTURE:  Dec. 28, 2009: 10 years oldWhen we got to Florida, my brother and I were told we were going to get to snorkel with the manatees. You wouldn’t believe how excited I was. When it was time to go, it was really early, but I got up and we loaded the snorkeling stuff and headed out. When we got to the dive shop that was there, it was cold. There was a hotel beside the dive shop and the water was steaming. I put my hand in the water and it wasn’t that hot, it was how cold the air was that made it steam. So I went into the bathroom that was there, to put my swimming suit on. Then I waited for everyone else to get their swimming suits on too. After Mom, Dad, Nana, me and my brother, Andy got their swimsuits on, we went into the dive shop and we signed in. We watched a really quick movie, like how you couldn’t put two hands on the manatee or else it was called riding them. Or, you couldn’t pass this white line, that was there or else you would be in their reserve and that wouldn’t be good. After the movie was over , we went to the boat and got on it and put all of our snorkeling stuff on the boat too.

Everyone including some other people that were there , headed out to the spot where we could swim. After a couple hours in the water, we went back to the boat. The ride back was freezing.

That is how I spent my Christmas Vacation. I hope you try snorkeling with the manatees too. It was a great experience for me and my family !!!!!

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